Latasha Langdon
Owner & Founder

Latasha Langdon is the creative owner and founder of Divine Destinies Life Skills, LLC.  Her vision is to equip youth and adults with tools and tips to be EMPOWERED and successful in reaching their goals and dreams. Preparing them to be positive world changers through the skills and learning provided through Divine Destinies. Session are inter-active with activities and discussions. The company is a Christian based organization that provides on-site training and virtual training to diverse populations.

She enjoys providing them with tools and resources that are needed to be successful. She has developed curriculums for youth and adults including but not limited to:

    • Entrepreneurship
    • Problem Solving
    • Financial Literacy 
    • Effective Study Habits and Learning Styles
    • Professional Development
    •Leadership Training


LaTasha has over 11 years of teaching experience with youth and adults from all backgrounds and ages. She has knowledge and awareness of identification of the existence of trauma when working with you. She also has over 15 years’ of corporate work experience with top 500 companies, volunteering and mentoring youth and adults.
Past workshops completed by LaTasha Langdon include but are not limited to:

    • Upward Bound
    • Milwaukee Public School (MPS) – Summer program
    • National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) 
    • Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) 

    •University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (UWM)
    • Center for Teaching Entrepreneurship (CTE)
    • AJA Enterprises
    • Boys & Girls Club
    • Three Harbors Council, Boys
    • Thrive
    • Beauty Builders

She holds a MBA from Cardinal Stritch University and Bachelor of Science degree from MSOE (Milwaukee School of Engineering).


Divine Destinies is excited and looking forward to partnering with you to meet the needs of youth ages 12-17 and adults. 



Tasha Langdon and I have co-taught Marquette University’s Upward Bound program for well over a decade.  She’s very resourceful, energetic, and knowledgeable.  Working with up to 45 high school students in the Introduction to Engineering course, Ms. Langdon has developed many creative project ideas for keeping the students engaged, energized and curious about engineering regardless of whether or not they intend to pursue this as a career.  Ms. Langdon has also provided professionalism seminars during the National Society of Black Engineers regional conferences.   Her presentations were not only informative but provided relevant, “real life” applications that could be used immediately. The attendees were so intrigued by her delivery and presentation that many stayed well after the seminar ended to learn more from her and about her.  I have known Tasha Langdon for nearly 20 years and have always known her to be competent, proficient, focused, and driven for success, all while maintaining a cheerful and friendly demeanor.   

- Candy Morakinyo


I like the way you engage with us. When talking to us you make the conversation live. 

- Male 15 years old


You don’t just stand-up there and talk at us you make us participate.

- Female 13 years old


She teaches love not just in lessons but in actions. She encourages us and makes us feel like our voices matter. She makes herself relatable, and helps us realize although adults and youth are not the same we struggle with similar issues.  

- Female 13 years old


Latasha Langdon, CEO of Divine Destinies, is a dynamic and outstanding educator.  She developed a curriculum for our community youth entrepreneur program that served high school students on the Near West Side of Chicago. She also provided training to the teachers and coordinators of the program.  She was very professional and flexible when we presented her with changes.  Her teaching style is very personal which allows the participants to get the most out of the programming.  This teaching style is evident in the curriculum that she develops which, for our program, was amazing. For each session of the program, the students had real life, engaging activities related to the topic being discussed.  The activities were fun and well thought out.  This maximized the learning of the students, and by the end of the program, the students understood what it takes to be an entrepreneur, as well as understood all facets of a business plan.  I would highly recommend Divine Destines for curriculum development and/or workshop facilitation.  Divine Destines exceeded my expectation and is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!

- Davorah Bowen


Ms. Langdon, is an advocate, champion, and a minister at heart,  who goes beyond the call of duty to ensure that each young person she encounters is equipped with the necessary skills to make a positive impact in our community.

- Luke Chrisite