Workshops are interactive with a mix of discussion and activities. Workshops can also be tailored to meet and address the needs of the group. In addition, we also offer products that can be used to help promote an open environment for group discussion, team icebreakers.​


We offer a list of our products and how you can use them to help bring out the best in our youth! We look forward to working with you! 


Please review the product list below.

Goal Journal &

Time Management Journal

Displayed Behaviors

  • Difficulty completing task

  • Problems with homework

  • Improvement tips on how to manage priorities/tasks


Expected Outcomes 

  • Participants receive personal goal and time management workbook


  • Gain practical learning applications

  • Understand importance of setting priorities, deadlines and goals

  • How to develop small task to accomplish a larger goal. 

Difficult Discussion Card Deck

& Choices Card Deck

Displayed Behaviors

  • Struggles to have open and honest conversations

  • Often makes bad choices

  • Problems seeing and understanding impact of decisions


Expected Outcomes

  • Youth will be able to think through decisions and evaluate possible consequences and make better choices

Self-Reflection Journal

Displayed Behaviors

  • Struggles to see their value and beauty


  • Low self-esteem

  • Lack of confidence


Expected Outcomes

  • Participants will have a personal workbook for self-reflection and identify what makes them awesome!

Conversation cards, intriguing deck,  reflective religion, power-up

Displayed Behaviors

  • You struggle to create icebreakers for family, friends, or professional events


Expected Outcomes

  • Create an environment of fun intellectual and thought provoking questions and discussions

Each resource comes with instructions for participants and facilitators.

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