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Divine Destinies is excited to partner with you! We look forward to meeting the needs of youth ages 12-17 and young adults.


Divine Destinies offers products that EMPOWER youth and young adults personally and professionally. Clients use our products for development, group discussion, team icebreakers and more.​

Please review our product list below before placing your order. You can also order from the young adult resource or youth resource page by clicking the button below.

Conversation Cards

Difficult Conversations Card Deck

  • Are you a parent, guardian, or adult who struggles to have open and honest conversations with youth?

  • ​​ Do you interact with youth who struggle to see and understand the impact of their decisions?


Expected Outcomes

  • This product will help youth think through decisions and evaluate possible consequences in order to make better choices.

Decision Card Decks

Are you a parent, guardian, or adult working with a youth who reacts before weighing out the risk and consequences of their choices?


  • ​​Do you know youth who need guidance on how to handle peer pressure and make difficult decisions?


Expected Outcomes

  • This product will help facilitate discussions with youth that will allow them to think critically and evaluate possible consequences in order to make better choices.


Decision Deck - On The Edge Edition

This is the 2nd edition of the Decision Deck. It is a new of deck of scenarios that youth may face. The scenarios in this deck push the envelope on difficult but critical conversations.


  • Intriguing Deck

  • Power-Up

  • Reflective Religion

Are you an adult or organization who struggles to create icebreakers for family, friends, meetings or professional events?


Expected Outcomes

  • Let's Talk Conversation Card Decks are perfect for creating an environment of fun, intellectual, and thought-provoking questions and discussions.



  • Do you have difficulty meeting deadlines and feeling successful?

  • Do you have problems focusing on what's important?

  • Do you need to create a roadmap to build confidence and increase personal satisfaction?

  • Do you have difficulty finding enough free time to do what you really want to do?

  •  Do you need ideas to help you prevent procrastination?

  • ·Do you need to decrease stress?

Expected Outcomes:

  1. Build confidence in your ability to complete your work. 

  2. Find more ways to do what you enjoy.

  3. ​Teach and provide tools and templates on how to set priorities, deadlines and goals.

  4. Understand the importance of prioritizing, setting deadlines and goals.

  5. Learn how to divide larger task into small task to meet your accomplishments.

On the edge image.PNG


 An interactive game guiding teens through important         


Our youth today are connected to technology most of their day on a variety of devices — phones, tablets,
laptops, etc. We have found a way to meet them where they are, while also creating a platform to improve
their problem solving, critical thinking and decision-making skills.

Each resource comes with instructions for participants and facilitators.

1. Orders can be placed online using pay-pal or credit cards.


2. Order request can be e-mailed to or by phone  at  414-973-9517.


3. Orders request or questions can also mailed to

    1345 N. Jefferson St.

    Ste. #149

    Milwaukee, WI 53202

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