1. Do you want to help increase opportunities for the youth you serve?

2. Do you know the importance of setting goals?

3. Do you know how to set S.M.A.R.T. goals?

My personal goal workbook will help teach:

Goals and their importance

• Types of goals you can set 

• What is a S.M.A.R.T. goal

How to track short and long tern goals

• Staying on task and become more focused 

• Accountability


1. Do you want to help increase opportunities for youth you serve?

2. Do you multitask; do you have a lot of commitments or a lot of people depending on you?

3. Are you overwhelmed?

4. Do you know how to manage your time and prioritize?

My personal time management workbook:

Define time management

• Explain why time management is important 

• Manage my time when others place demands on me

Achieving balance


Do you have youth who; struggle to see their value and beauty, low self-esteem or lack of confidence?


The workbook offers positive affirmations and reflection questions that helps youth understand how AWESOME they are.

Sample questions and affirmations include:

3 Things I value

• The person that inspires me the most and makes me want to do         better is.. 

• What does happiness look like to you?

Knowing your value and what you stand for.


The decision deck is contains questions related to peer pressure, choices and decision making. These cards promote conversations using scenarios to help youth think through the decision making process and consider potential consequences. 


Samples include:

1. Your best friend encourages you use drugs.  No one is around. You are curious about how it feels to be high. Do you do it? Why or why not?


2. You and your friends go out to eat. They don’t have enough money to pay. When they finish eating they leave without paying. Do you leave with them?


Difficult conversation deck is a creative way to have challenging conversation with youth. These question help them to address and expose any feelings they may have toward family, self-esteem/image, peer pressure, values and more in a non-threatening environment.


I encourage the leader (parent/guardian, counselor, etc.) to limit use of cards. Cards and discussion should be used at a pace comfortable for the participant. Questions are meant to provide an easy, creative and fun way to break the ice and start conversation with youth.


Let’s talk conversational decks are perfect icebreakers and simple entertaining and fun discussion starters. Each deck is 54 fun, intellectual and thought provoking questions.  The questions will prompt conversation among any group and all ages.


Let’s talk decks include three different conversational decks:

1.   Intriguing 

2.   Power-Up 

3.   Reflective Religion

Sample questions include:

What do you think is the stronger emotion love or hate?

(Intriguing Deck)

What is your biggest fear about starting your own business?

(Power-up Business)

If you have to write a sermon on your life what would the title be?

(Reflective Religion)

If you are interested in more ways on how to empower and help youth you serve please allow us to work with you! Check out our workshops sections of our website. We're looking forward to serving you to help meet the needs and growth of OUR youth!