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Difficult Conversation Deck is a creative way to have challenging conversations with youth. These questions help to address and expose any feelings they may have toward family, self-esteem/image, peer pressure, and values in a non-threatening environment. 

Adults should limit the use of cards to a pace that is comfortable for the participants. The questions will provide an easy, creative and fun way to break the ice and start difficult conversations with youth.


The Decision Deck contains questions related to peer pressure, choices and decision making. These cards promote conversation using scenarios to help youth think through the decision making process and consider potential consequences. 

Samples include:

1. Your best friend encourages you to use drugs.  No one is around. You are curious about how it feels to be high. Do you do it? Why or why not?


2. You and your friends go out to eat. They don’t have enough money to pay. When they finish eating they leave without paying. Do you leave with them?



This is the 2nd Edition of the Decision Deck. It is a new deck of scenarios that youth may face. These scenarios push the envelope of conversations that are hard to bring up but can be life changing with a positive or negative outcome.

*I caution and encourage facilitators to review scenarios prior to engaging with youth and have supportive resources available if needed.


1. Your high school friend is failing most of their classes. They often ask to copy your work. You figure out they don’t know how to read. How do you handle the situation?

2. In your house you witness your mom being abused. How do you handle the situation?


The Let’s Talk Conversational Decks include perfect icebreakers and entertaining discussion starters. Each deck has 54 fun, intellectual, and thought-provoking questions.  The questions will prompt conversation among any age group.


Let’s Talk Decks include three different conversational decks:

1.   Intriguing 

2.   Reflective Religion 


What do you think is the stronger emotion love or hate?

(Intriguing Deck)

If you had to write a sermon on your life what would the title be?

(Reflective Religion)

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